The Lucent Theater Dance Experiment: How long is Now


In this experiment, we try to detect automatically who reacts how and when to a dance performance, and whether this reaction is positive or negative. Based on this, we want to research how the performance is experienced and whether we can measure quantitatively how good the performance is.

The experiment is on Friday, February 6, in the Lucent Theater in the Hague, with the performance of How long is Now. We ask you to be there before 19:30, so that we can prepare you for the experiment.


The experiment is a collaboration between researchers from the VU Amsterdam, the TU Delft, the University of Amsterdam, the CWI Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, the organisation of Holland Dance and the Lucent Theater in The Hague.


Participants to the experiment get a price reduction on their ticket, and are assigned a special seat number. We ask you to fill in a short questionnaire before and after the performance, to record how you experienced the performance. During the performance, we measure your reactions using a biometric sensor, an accelerometer and a video camera

The privacy of the participants will be guaranteed at all times. The data that we record will not be made public, and will exclusively be shared with researchers who have signed a confidentiality agreement. Faces will be anonymised in images which are used as an illustration in scientific publications.


You can register here. Once registered, you will get a reduced price ticket of €10 for the performance, by identifying yourself at the ticket office.